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  • heartbleed

    Big Data startups to watch

    The hype may be a bit much, but Big Data is already living up to its potential.

  • kill switch

    Kill switches coming

    Carriers, phone makers and a lobbying group announce a voluntary agreement, but it might not be enough.

  • XP holdout

    XP holdout

    Many Windows XP users can't upgrade for reasons that Microsoft can't address.

  • cloud sprawl

    How to combat cloud sprawl

    Service catalogs can help you get your arms around cloud services.

  • Heartbleed DDoS

    Heartbleed headed to DDoS?

    Software vulnerabilities can allow attackers to use unsecured systems in the commission of a DDoS attack.

  • Collaboration 2.0

    Collaboration 2.0

    Take the essential concept of sharing, then add cloud, social, Web and mobile.

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