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Sandra Gittlen



Recent articles by Sandra Gittlen

Quitting time: How to make a graceful exit

March 24, 2014

One in four U.S. tech workers is in job-hunting mode, according to IT employment research.

Whittle down application sprawl

March 06, 2014

When it comes to shutting down out-of-date, risky or unnecessary applications, James Gordon, vice president of technology and operations at Needham Bank, doesn't mess around.

How IT found savings by tackling (instead of cringing at) photocopiers

November 20, 2013

Say the word 'photocopier,' and most IT leaders have visions of skilled workers wasting time undoing paper jams. But for Karl Collins, vice president of technical services and infrastructure at SavaSeniorCare, IT's newfound ownership of enterprise-wide photocopiers has yielded $739,000 annual savings and increased visibility among executives.  

How to promote harmony between marketing and IT

August 16, 2013

Want to promote harmony between marketing and IT? Try these steps.

Why IT and marketing should go out for coffee (or something stronger)

August 16, 2013

Sophisticated marketing initiatives that rely heavily on analytics and back-end systems integration are inspiring IT and marketing pros to collaborate more closely.

Analytics boost social marketing efforts

February 28, 2013

Big-name companies including General Electric and Best Western are maturing their social marketing programs and integrating social metrics with back-end systems.

8 classic IT hiring mistakes and how to avoid them

January 07, 2013

From writing dated, irrelevant job descriptions to accepting a less-than-ideal candidate because the work is piling up, classic hiring mistakes are just waiting to trip up managers.

Game on: Enterprise apps gain gaming features to boost usage

December 10, 2012

Adding a competitive component to enterprise software improves adoption and real-time decision-making, gamification advocates say.

Simulations in play: Real-world scenarios unfold in virtual environments

December 10, 2012

While gamification - the use of game mechanics within applications - is catching hold, simulations, which mimic real-world scenarios, are still a hot market for organizations.

The cloud as data-center extension

November 08, 2012

A year after Oregon's Multnomah County deployed an on-premises portfolio management application, the two IT staffers dedicated to it resigned. Other staff struggled to maintain the specialized server environment. Left with no other option to guarantee support of the mission-critical tool, the county leapt into the cloud.