Editorial Guide

Network World synthesizes developments in the information technology industry to help IT executives make informed product and technology business decisions. Network World site visitors are responsible for the digital nervous systems of large organizations, controlling the design, implementation and management of the systems used to support everything from mission critical computing to team collaboration and electronic commerce.

Working with Network World.

Our depth of coverage includes up-to-date information about everything networking. Our editorial team is always interested in learning about exciting new products, services and organizational changes as well as requests for product testing, and article suggestions. Products are tested by the Network World Lab Alliance several times a year so make sure we know about new releases and associated benefits by contracting the appropriate editor or tester.

Getting Products Tested

The Network World Lab Alliance is a coalition of industry experts, consultants and independent test labs. We conduct single product tests and head-to-head comparative tests in true-to-life lab settings and on live networks. The Lab Alliance focuses on providing the Network World audience with a Clear Choice regarding which products are ready for use in enterprise networks.

Clear Choice

Network World Clear Choice Tests conducted regularly throughout the year. The highest scoring product in a comparative review is given the Clear Choice designation if it also achieves scores of 3.7 or higher out of a possible 5.0. In single product reviews, products scoring 4.5 or above are also given a Clear Choice designation.

To request a test of your product email contact Neal Weinberg, executive features editor, at nweinberg@nww.com

Network World Lab Alliance

Network World Lab Alliance Who belongs to the Network World lab alliance? Industry experts that are affiliated with universities and independent labs across the country and specialize in different product categories do actual testing. Because of the breadth of the products tested, we feel working with experts in various disciplines is preferable to trying to make a single lab into a jack-of-all-trades.

  • Do you conduct single-product tests or comparisons? The Network World Lab Alliance conducts both single-product tests and head-to-head comparative tests on a weekly basis.
  • Do you test beta products? No. Products have to be shipping.
  • Do you test services or service providers? Occasionally.
  • Does Network World run case studies? We report our own case studies but we do not run vendor-supplied case studies. Nonetheless, we look for examples of how customers are using products and services so case studies circulated with press releases have value for us.

Alliance Members

James Gaskin
Gaskin Consulting
PCs, laptops, NAS, SMB

Eric Geier
Wireless hardware and software

Tom Henderson
ExtremeLabs, Inc.
Operating systems,virtualization, cloud, storage, Microsoft, BYOD

Maria Korolov
Linux, open source

Barry Nance
Independent consultant
Network management, security, application performance management

David Newman
Network Test
Routers, switches, next-generation firewalls, storage, security

Susan Perschke
Open source, cloud

Wayne Rash
Ultrabooks, 802.11ac, cloud, storage

Joel Snyder
Opus One
Security hardware and software, Cisco

David Strom
Single-sign on, security software, Web applications, virtualization security, BYOD

So, You Won an Award or Industry Recognition, Now What?

First of all, congratulations! You are competing with the best-of-the-best - dozens of peers who also have accomplished a lot. You probably want to publicize your achievement in a press release and on your Web site and other collateral.

All of Network World's awards have an award logo that you may use as a winner. Typically, the person submitting the information for an award or product test is contacted with a letter that describes the award, the rules of use and includes the logo. Contact the appropriate editor or wcwirka@idgenterprise.com for more information.

If you plan to do a press release, we ask that you send it to us for approval prior to release. Our comments are focused on the accuracy of how the information is presented and we turn the request around quickly. You may also request a more specific quote directly from the editor involved. One of our requirements is for you to include something like"...for the full Network World article..." and the actual link to the online version of the article. Contact the appropriate editors.

Editorial FAQ

Network World, an IDG Enterprise brand and registered trademark of IDG Communications, Inc., is the leading provider of news, analysis, reviews and events for Network IT Executives who manage the digital nervous systems of large organizations. We focus on everything that changes the network and everything the network changes.

The mission: Network World synthesizes industry developments so Network IT Executives can make informed technology business decisions. Network World's service focus recognizes that, while technologies change, the basic needs of the reader remain constant. Network World's audience needs: detailed information about products and services; help identifying ways to apply technology to advance business success; career and management advice; and information about technology advances.

What does Network World cover?

Enterprise network products, services, issues and trends, everything from data center trends to developments in mobility and security and hiring.

Who is Network World's audience?

Network IT Executives who are responsible for designing, implementing and managing the systems their companies use to support everything from business critical applications to employee collaboration and electronic commerce. The goal is to empower the readers by delivering a mix of breaking news, analysis of products and trends, and advice on managing technology, people and their own careers.

Are exclusive stories important to Network World?

We welcome them, but our news hounds are more than capable of digging up their own scoops.

Do you sign embargoes?

No. But we will agree to keep news under wrap in particular cases, like when we are testing a forthcoming product or working on a feature with a long lead-time.

Does Network World accept vendor-written contributions?

Yes, we accept original vendor-contributed articles to explore emerging enterprise technologies. The focus is on education so the articles range in scope from explaining how something works to comparing competing technologies, but most tend to address “How to solve X with Y.”

All of the articles must be vendor-neutral, meaning they cannot promote a technology that is particular to an individual company or mention any product brand or company name. The only place the vendor's name will show up is in the author's byline at the top, which lists his/her title, and in a brief company description at the end of the article that also provides the company’s URL.

The pieces are published online and will carry this notification after the byline:

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

Submissions should be no longer than 1,200 words.

If you think you have a suitable pitch, send a brief abstract to Editor in Chief John Dix (jdix@nww.com). Due to the volume of mail it may take a few weeks to get back to you.

How do I pitch an idea for an article or story to a Network World editor?

Know your contact. Calling one of the editors occasionally is ok, but they don't follow your industry day in and out and they don't write news stories. Make the beat reporter your best friend. (View the editorial beats list here)

Reporters are interested in breaking news and scoops and investigative stories that piece together industry developments. Knowing that should help you figure out how you can help them.

An educated reporter is one that will benefit you the most, so take the time to teach. You'll be happier with the coverage you get and it will increase the chance of getting mentioned when the reporter covers a competitor (e.g., Company A's new router does this, but it lacks the functionality recently announced by Company).

Teach us:

  • About your market. What makes it tick. Basic differences between the players.
  • About your product/service. Why is it important? How is it different? What is the value you are adding?
  • How does it work? Boil it down. Diagram it. If you can't draw a good simple diagram of what this thing does and why it does it and how it is different/better than how other things do it, you're missing an opportunity to convey your message clearly and simply. The more we understand, the more we are likely to say about the real difference about your product and why it matters.
  • Tell us who uses the product and how they use it and why. Seeing something in action makes things click.
  • What analysts have heard your pitch? Give us their name and phone numbers and tell the analysts to expect our calls.

Related to teaching: Start off slow and accelerate. You are living and breathing your product. The reporter is living and breathing journalism and dealing with multiple vendors, multiple technologies, multiple markets and multiple deadlines. Unless you happen to personally know the knowledge level of the reporter you're talking to, it is best to start off at ground level and work your way up, accelerating the build if it becomes apparent the reporter happens to be in tune with your sliver of the networked world.

Countless meetings have been wasted because the vendor presumes too much knowledge. Refresh our memory about where you fit in, why you matter, how you're different. If you're boring us we'll tell you. Presuming the reporter has intimate knowledge about a company's market and its product is possibly the number one mistake vendors make.

Send us white papers describing how your products work, how they are different.

Guidelines for submitting new products for inclusion in our weekly new product slideshow.

Network World's online products slideshow What it is: A snapshot of new products and services from vendors published online each Monday. While we welcome submissions, they must be submitted in the exact format specified below to the editor you work with (check here for a list of beats) who will review it for content and may suggest changes.

Please follow this format, which requires in a single e-mail (can be sent to Ryan Francis at rfrancis@nww.com):

  1. JPEG illustration of the product or service (please no marketing slides) should be 620pixels wide (NOTE THE NEW SIZE)
  2. Exact product name
  3. Manufacturer name
  4. Pricing (please be as specific as possible) DO NOT SEND SAYING PRICING VARIES
  5. Brief description of main features, what's new, 30 words or less
  6. When it's available
  7. Link for more information
  8. Embargo date on this information The deadline for submission of product information is each Thursday for publication online Monday.

Who do I contact with a product/service announcement, news story or meeting request?

Find the most appropriate beat reporter, contact one of the news editors.

When's the best time to contact Network World editors?

For news, contact beat reporters directly by looking over the coverage listed in the updated beat list and e-mailing them.

NetworkWorld.com reprints and links

Network World offers three options for referencing our content online. You may purchase a reprint (including all related graphics and charts) to host on your server for an unlimited time, create links to specific NetworkWorld.com articles or resources or use one of our headline services to provide your users with the latest news, analysis and opinions from the leader in network knowledge.

Referencing content from NetworkWorld.com can help position your company as a leading provider of networking products and services, plus, allow you to offer information which helps to educate visitors about your product or technology solution.

Most content on NetworkWorld.com is open - anybody can read our content without registering. Simply create an HTML link to the article you want your users to see and they'll be able to read it; no specific permission or fee is required to create links to our articles (you can also use the first paragraph to explain the link).

We encourage you to use our logo as part of the link, as visitors will be more likely to read an article about your company written by an objective source. To request a copy of our logo, please contact Whitney Cwirka at wcwirka@idgenterprise.com. If you do not use a logo, we do request that you reference "Network World" in the text link you create.

You may change and update your links to NetworkWorld.com at any time.

Our search engine (available at the top of any page) can quickly find you links to relevant articles.

Getting feeds of Network World headlines

Our RSS feeds will let you get topic- and company-specific headline feeds. That link will take you to information about the feeds we offer and conditions of their use.

Obtaining reprints of online article

Let our editorial coverage of your company assist in your sales efforts. Reprints of Network World articles are available in PDF or HTML format for display on your Web site.

For information about reprints and copyright permissions, please contact The YGS Group at (800) 290-5460 Ext. 100 or networkworld@theygsgroup.com.

Editorial Beats/Contacts

Online story requests, Press releases and story tips should be sent to the appropriate editorial beat writer.

John Dix
Editor in Chief
Sets editorial direction for news team. Interested in industry shifts, new tech developments.

Bob Brown
Online Executive Editor, News
Manages news staff and reporters, writes Alpha Doggs blog on network research.

Michael Cooney
Online News Editor
Manages reporters, writes the Layer 8 blog, point person on switching/routing/SDN.

Paul McNamara
Online News Editor
Manages reporters, writes the "Net Buzz" blog/column, tracks carriers.

Ann Bednarz
Assistant Managing Editor, Features
Manages reporters. Covers: Careers and Big data /analytics

Tim Greene
Senior Editor
IT security

Brandon Butler
Senior Writer
Cloud computing. Software as a service. Virtualization.

Jon Gold
Staff Writer
Wireless, including Android. Open source. Network/systems management.

Neal Weinberg
Executive Features Editor
Contact Neal regarding the Network World Lab Alliance, the group of focused, independent labs that Network World uses to conduct single and multi-product tests.

Michelle Davidson
Community Editor
Works with our contributing bloggers.

Keith Shaw
Programming Director
Contact regarding video, audio and podcast opportunities.