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About Us

Network World is the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for Network and IT Executives. With an editorial focus on delivering news, opinion and analytical tools for key decision makers who architect, deploy and manage business solutions, Network World offers a unique and powerful combination of audiences and resources across Online and Events to meet your marketing objectives. is a part of the IDG (International Data Group) company.

To Reach Us
Our main number is (US) 800.622.1108. Our mailing address is:

492 Old Connecticut Path
P.O. Box 9208
Framingham, MA. 01701-9208

To contact a specific Network World editor or reporter, see our editorial beats.

Report a Problem
If you encounter a problem while using our site please contact us via email at When possible, please include as much of the following information as you can:

  • A short description of what happened
  • What was the URL where the problem occurred?
  • What browser and version were you using and on what operating system?
  • A screenshot of the problem, include as much of the screen as you can.

"Insider" Access SupportĀ 
If you are having trouble accessing Insider content, please visit our Insider support topics for help.

Network World Advertising Sales
For advertising information contact Elisa Della Rocco at or 201.634.2313 or contact your Regional Sales Representative.

Network World Custom Publishing
Contact Charles Lee ( 508.935.4796 for further information.

Network World Events
For attendee information contact Network World Events at or 800.643.4668.
For sponsorship information contact Neil Dhanowa, Sr. Director of Sales at or 508.766.5455 or contact your Regional Sales Representative.

Editorial Test Requests
To request a test of your product and have it reviewed, email Features Editor Neal Weinberg.

Privacy Policy/Terms of Service
Our Privacy Policy is available online.

Back Issues
U.S. addresses: $10.00 per issue, includes shipping and handling.
To order: Email

Other addresses: $12.00 per issue, includes shipping and handling.
To order: Email

To order by mail, send your request and payment to:
Network World
P.O. Box 3500
Northbrook, IL 60065-3500

To inquire on the availability of an issue call: (888) 559-7327 or e-mail

Sponsorship/Partnership Inquires
For information about sponsorships/partnerships with Network World contact Whitney Cwirka at

Vendor Visits
To schedule a vendor visit, contact beat reporters directly by looking over the coverage listed in the updated editorial beats list and e-mailing them.

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