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Adding links to specific articles

Getting feeds of Network World headlines

Obtaining reprints of print and online articles

Network World offers three options for referencing our content online. You may purchase a reprint (including all related graphics and charts) to host on your server for an unlimited time, create links to specific articles or resources or use one of our headline services to provide your users with the latest news, analysis and opinions from the leader in network knowledge.

Referencing content from can help position your company as a leading provider of networking products and services, plus, allow you to offer information which helps to educate visitors about your product or technology solution.

Most content on is open - anybody can read our content without registering. Simply create an HTML link to the article you want your users to see and they'll be able to read it; no specific permission or fee is required to create links to our articles (you can also use the first paragraph to explain the link).

We encourage you to use our logo as part of the link, as visitors will be more likely to read an article about your company written by an objective source. To request a copy of our logo, please contact Whitney Cwirka at If you do not use a logo, we do request that you reference "Network World" in the text link you create.

You may change and update your links to at any time.

Our search engine (available at the top of any page) can quickly find you links to relevant articles.

Getting feeds of Network World headlines

Our RSS feeds will let you get topic- and company-specific headline feeds. That link will take you to information about the feeds we offer and conditions of their use.

Obtaining reprints of online article

Let our editorial coverage of your company assist in your sales efforts. 

Web reprints

Reprints of Network World articles are available in PDF or HTML format for display on your Web site.

For information about reprints and copyright permissions, please contact The YGS Group at (800) 290-5460 Ext. 100 or