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Network World, 06/08/92

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- SynOptics Communications, Inc. this week is expected to announce enhancements that give its LattisNet System 3000 hub support for five Ethernets as well as a new switching module that improves throughput.

The switching module -- based on Kalpana, Inc.'s EtherSwitch product -- is the first of its kind to be housed in a local-area network hub. It will enable users to dedicate full Ethernet bandwidth to critical devices such as LAN servers and boost overall net performance by providing high-speed links between LAN segments.

"This announcement is significant for users because it enables them to move from a single, flat Ethernet to a high-performance Ethernet environment without jeopardizing their investment," said Don Bergal, product marketing manager for internetworking at SynOptics.

SynOptics' enhanced hub, the LattisSwitch System 3000, is intended to be housed in a wiring closet and support surrounding work groups. It consists of several new modules and a new backplane that will support as many as five independent Ethernet LANs.

With the new Ethernet support, the System 3000 hub will now be able to support a maximum of three Fiber Distributed Data Interface rings, two token rings and five Ethernets. The hub previously supported only one Ethernet.

The enhanced Ethernet capabilities were achieved by adding a new backplane that supports four Ethernets and by increasing the capacity of the hub's token-ring bus to add support for a fifth Ethernet.

The LattisSwitch System 3000 Ethernet backplane upgrade and the one that supports Ethernet and token ring are available now and cost $650 and $995, respectively. Backplanes that support Ethernet, token ring and FDDI will be available later this year and will be priced at $2,700.

Switching engine

As part of the announcement, SynOptics also introduced the Model 3328 Ethernet Switching Engine, the module it jointly developed with Kalpana.

The switching engine has six ports, each of which can be used to support Ethernet segments or dedicated to resources requiring high availability, such as servers.

The matrix in the Model 3328 forges dedicated 10M bit/sec links between the ports and offers on-the-fly switching between segments, meaning attached resources can be linked independently of the hub's backplane.

Because the module has a capacity of 30M bit/sec, any two ports can be communicating at a full 10M bit/sec with no blocked traffic or packet delays.

SynOptics' said its module will have a switching latency of only 40 microsec, whereas multiport bridges -- the alternative to linking segments -- have a latency of 600 to 800 microsec. That difference can be significant for users that are moving large volumes of traffic.

Theoretically, as many as 11 3328 modules could be used in a single hub, but SynOptics' Bergal said four would be closer to a practical maximum.

The 3328 also serves as SynOptics' next step toward implementing its Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) strategy, according to Bill Lanfri, vice-president of marketing at the company.

"Ethernet switching delivers some of the attributes of ATM, such as multiple parallel conversations and very low latency," he said. "Switching will play a critical role in local-area network communications in the '90s."

Analysts agreed.

"This is an important step toward ATM as well as an initial step in providing more bandwidth per device," said Michael Howard, president of Infonetics Research, Inc., a market research firm in San Jose, Calif. "Dedicated 10M bit/sec is a lot of bandwidth. In some places, it will compete with FDDI to the desktop."

The Model 3328 will cost about $1,000 per switched segment when it becomes available by year end.

SynOptics also announced a new 24-port 10Base-T module. As many as 11 of these modules can fit in the hub, allowing users to attach up to 264 devices to the hub, up from the previous maximum of 132 10Base-T ports. The module will be available by year end and is priced at $3,295.

In addition, a new management module will be available by year end that can be configured to provide port control of all modules, LED status, Autotopology mapping and node security. This module comes in two versions: the 3313A, which has an attachment unit interface port, and the 3314A, which has a Fiber Optic Inter-Repeater Link connection. The products are priced between $3,995 and $6,295.

KI New backplane and switching module adds to Ethernet support; positions hub in work group role.

BY Skip MacAskill, Staff Writer SL


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