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3Com bulks up its chassis hub lines

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By Skip MacAskill
Network World, 06/20/94

Santa Clara, Calif.

Despite its passionate love affair with all things stackable, 3Com Corp. has not forgotten that chassis-based hubs also need affection.

The company last week bulked up its top chassis hub lines the switch-based LANplex 6000 and LinkBuilder Multi Services Hub (MSH) with new routing and management capabilities for use across enterprise nets. The new features will be available via free software upgrades.

The new routing support in the LANplex 6000, a high-end switching hub that 3Com obtained last year when it bought Synernetics, Inc., will allow users to route Internet Protocol traffic locally among subnets supported by the device. This will eliminate the need to install a stand-alone router in front of the hub for directing such traffic.

"Adding local routing capabilities to the switch eliminates the need to add a stand-alone router to the network mix, which means traffic can go between different physical workgroups or virtual LANs more efficiently," said Melinda Le Baron, program director at Gartner Group, Inc., a consultancy in Stamford, Conn. "For 3Com to play in the high-end switching hub market, routing support is essential."

New routing enhancements to the hub will also let users build virtual local-area networks in which groups of physically disparate users are tied together into the same logical network. In addition, the new routing software upgrade will enable net managers to interconnect those virtual LANs.

The virtual LAN capability, which currently can only be used within the confines of a single LANplex 6000, will be able to span multiple hubs by year end, 3Com officials noted.

According to Tom Medrek, director of marketing for 3Com's switching division, the company will add routing support for Novell, Inc.'s Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) protocol in the near future. 3Com will seriously evaluate the inclusion of the AppleTalk protocol, as well.

The addition of routing will put the LANplex 6000 switching hub into a high-end category already populated by Alantec Corp.'s PowerHub, Cabletron Systems, Inc. MMAC-Plus and Standard Microsystems Corp. EliteSwitch/1, analysts said.

In addition to routing and virtual LANs, 3Com also rolled out a $12,500 10Base2 Ethernet Switching Module for the LANplex 6000 that provides dedicated 10M bit/sec connections to the desktop via a BNC port. It is available now.

The company also an-nounced that its net management application for LANplex hubs Transcend LANplex Manager will now be available on the Hewlett-Packard Co. OpenView platform, complementing existing support for SunConnect's SunNet Manager net management platform.

3Com bolstered its wiring closet-based MSH with support for the Ethernet Remote Monitoring (RMON) Management Information Base, which will allow users to garner a variety of net information on traffic patterns and historical trends through the hub.

Implemented in the form of a software-based SmartAgent, the RMON feature is available now as a free upgrade.

The company also rolled out two new modules for the MSH. The Fiber RingBuilder provides either a shielded twisted pair- or fiber-based set of ring-in/ring-out ports for token-ring workgroups, while the new seven-port 10Base-T module provides six 10Base-T ports and a user-selectable backbone connection that can be fiber-, coaxial cable- or twisted pair-based.

Available now, the modules cost $1,995 and $1,595, respectively.

3Com: (408) 764-5000.


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