Do you have a disaster-preparedness plan?

Hurricane Sandy roared through the East Coast, network admins better have backup plans at the ready.

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What Sept. 11, 2001 taught network administrators is that having your backup server on site was not much of a backup if the entire grid went down. So in the past decade big strides have been made to create duplication offsite. With the latest natural disaster in Hurricane Sandy making a path of destruction through the East, the disaster preparedness plan is being put to a test.

Some outages are not caused by natural disasters, but whatever shape the outage comes in, IT directors need to be ready. In this PDF we run through what steps you need to follow and a few examples of outages.

The most recently example of an outage not Mother Nature made was with Amazon. There is naturally that ripple effect when someone as big as Amazon goes down. The problem is that business processes, applications and computing infrastructure are too intertwined and dependent on each other. If the infrastructure isn’t configured just right or is unavailable, the business process stops. The industry has made great strides in abstracting the physical computing infrastructure from the applications it supports. Amazon and VMware have created tremendous value and built businesses by abstracting (or insulating) applications and users from hardware diversity and failures.

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