More IT Pros Going Independent by Choice

With the erosion of mutually beneficial employer/-employee relationships, more IT workers are going it alone, based on a recent survey from OnForce.

More surprisingly, 56 percent of those surveyed said they wouldn't go back to work for an employer even if they were offered comparable salary and benefits.

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OnForce Survey of 500 IT independent Works Breakdown

According to OnForce, the reason is the changing relationship between employers and employees. "Healthcare coverage is one of the biggest incentives for having an employer, but a recent study by consulting firm Deloitte found that nine percent of employers plan to drop healthcare coverage when the new laws kick in ( Affordable Care Act (ACA) )," says Peter Cannone, CEO of OnForce. "Scaled back benefits, coupled with a natural desire for autonomy, authority and increased flexibility is weakening the employer-employee relationship--resulting in an increasingly independent workforce."

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With the IT unemployment rate hovering around 3.3 percent for Q3 2012 companies are having a hard time finding people with the special mix of skills they find necessary, according to OnForce. This is causing companies to use IT contractors more heavily, enabling companies to get the specialized talent they need to keep things moving forward without having to wait for the perfect candidate.

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