Webtorials: Mobile UC on brink of mainstream adoption

Steve Taylor at Webtorials has just released the "2012 Mobile Unified Communications State-of-the-Market Report," examining how mobile unified communications (UC) represents the integration of two of the most powerful trends in the IT industry. The review looks at hot topics like "4D Unified Communications" implications along with other trends such as virtualization and cloud-based services.

According to the results, mobile UC is in the early stages of mainstream adoption, with adoption defined by part of a wide range of functions -- it not a single "yes" or "no" decision. Still, mobile UC adoption will accelerate rapidly because enterprises see the combined power of new devices such as smartphones and pad/tablet computers as an enabling technology. Demand from users to support these devices as is also a part of the overall consumerization of the network and BYOD trends, adding to anticipated growth.

MOBILE UC: Looking at the benefits -- and the costs

Among knowledge workers, about two-thirds are mobile at least some of the time, and at least 25% of the time spent by workers who are mobile at some point is spent as "mobile hours." However, many projects are delayed because of the inability to collaborate effectively and to reach key decision makers, suggesting that fully implemented mobile UC can significantly help alleviate these pain points.

The study examined and quantified the pain points in detail. Of particular interest, Taylor's analysis also "defined a Productivity Gap that quantifies the ease or difficulty with which tasks are accomplished in a mobile as compared to fixed-location environment. The Productivity Gap was accomplished both alone and, perhaps even more importantly, as compared with the importance of key tasks and the time lost because of these tasks."

Highlighting the bottom-line benefits, when a financial model was applied to the findings, the analysis "found that an extremely conservative estimate of the dollar value per employee per year is at least $5,500 (US)."

Our thanks for Steve and Webtorials for releasing the survey, and to Sonus, which funded much of the report. To read the full version, please click here: http://www.webtorials.com/content/2012/10/2012-mobile-uc.html.

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