Reddit AMA Q&A sessions staying plenty geeky

You might think celebrities have overrun Reddit AMAs, but IBM, Microsoft teams among latest techies to open themselves up to Redditors’ questions

While the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&As have become a must-do for any celebrity launching a new show, movie or album, this increasingly popular interactive platform hasn’t abandoned techies.

Coming up on July 9 at 1pm EST, the Microsoft OneNote development team will take Redditors’ questions on the 3.5 million member strong IAmA subreddit. The OneNote note-taking app has emerged as a rising star among Microsoft’s Office family of products.

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Last week, 13 members of the IBM z/OS Communications Server team took part in an AMA, answering questions about mainframes and more. Questions got quite technical (such as “How do you make your IP stack perform faster than say the stacks on HP-UX or your sister OS, AIX?’)

We reported in May on Ethernet co-creator Bob Metcalfe’s AMA, a popular session during which the University of Texas at Austin professor shared info on everything from software-defined networking to Internet porn.

And last month, Skype and Kazaa co-founder Jaan Tallinn made a timely appearance  as a Reddit AMA subject during which he weighed in on the Internet spying scandal.

Some of the tech talks have been among the most popular in the series. Bill Gates’ AMA from earlier this year ranks second only to that of President Barack Obama’s from last year in terms of popularity.

Of course, the techie AMA subjects still are far outnumbered by real and borderline celebrities, including recent subject Weird Al Yankovic and upcoming guests such as Ali Vincent from The Biggest Loser, Comedian Anthony Jeselnik and David X. Cohen, co-creator and executive producer of Futurama.

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