Tablet App Lets Subway Find the Best Sandwich Artists

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Subway's tablet apps attract more job candidates and help franchisees streamline the hiring process.

A good sandwich artist is hard to find. With a workforce that's largely young and transient, finding reliable hourly employees is one of the biggest difficulties that Subway restaurant franchisees face. "It's a challenge for the entire quick-service restaurant industry--finding, interviewing and hiring good people," says George Labelle, CIO of Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), a nonprofit organization owned by Subway franchisees that manages purchasing, supply chain and IT for 29,200 U.S. and Canadian restaurants.

Three years ago, IPC developed MySubwayCareer, a Web portal where people can apply for jobs at up to 15 restaurants at once. IPC partnered with Chequed, a developer of pre-employment screening software, to incorporate an assessment tool. Applicants answer 80 to 100 questions like, "Your manager tells you to mop the floor and a customer complains that his sandwich is cold. What do you do first?" and the software rates candidates on a scale of one to five. Franchisees, meanwhile, use the portal to process applications and print suggested interview questions.

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