Before leaving this year's European Identity Conference and moving on, there's some "Identity musical chairs" to catch up on.

I did mention a few weeks ago that Burton Group's (and former Novell VP) Craig Burton has signed on with Kuppinger-Cole. When I got to Munich for the conference, I learned that former Kuppinger-Cole analyst Felix Gaehtgens had moved over to Axiomatics, the Swedish risk-based access control (RBAC) company.

Axiomatics' new U.S. office is, of course, headed up by Gerry Gebel, formerly a Burton Group VP.

BACKGROUND: Burton Group identity/privacy expert jumping to security firm

Another former Burton Group analyst, Nick Nikols, had joined Novell a few years ago but has now moved on to Quest. There'll be lots of other knowledgeable Novell folk moving on, also, if my reading of what Attachmate is doing is correct. They've broken up the Novell products into pieces and pushed Attachmate execs into the leadership roles of each. Not unlike what EMC did with RSA when they purchased that company a few years ago. And we see what that's resulted in "Accentuate the positive, obfuscate the negative."

Quest is the home of Jackson Shaw (who I also saw in Munich), who used to be with Microsoft and before that with Via (the Toronto metadirectory company). Also coming from Via to Microsoft was Kim Cameron, the Godfather of Identity and the author of the Laws of Identity. Kim has now left Microsoft -- really a foregone conclusion once Redmond decided to drop his pet project, CardSpace. Kim did say that that wasn't the only reason he decided to leave Microsoft, but so far he hasn't announced any new plans.

So we've got:

• Kim Cameron moving from Via to Microsoft to ???;

• Nick Nikols moving from Burton Group to Novell to Quest;

• Felix Gaehtgens moving from Kuppinger-Cole to Axiomatics;

• Gerry Gebel moving from Burton Group to Axiomatics;

• Craig Burton moving from Burton Group to Kuppinger-Cole;

• (toss in Jackson Shaw moving from Via to Microsoft to Quest, also).

See why I call it musical chairs?

One final move to tell you about. After working closely with the fine folks at Kuppinger-Cole for the European Identity Conference over the past four years we've decided to take our relationship to the next level. I'll be joining them as senior analyst, based in the U.S. (which now will have myself, Craig Burton and Tim Cole "in residence"). Most of what I do won't change, there'll merely be a different bio note at the end of the newsletter. But the content will continue to be those things I think you'll be interested in hearing.

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