Anonymous claims to have breached ManTech International's network

Group promises to release information stolen from defense contractor in 24 hours

A tweet sent by the hacker group Anonymous at midnight yesterday claims the group has broken into the network of defense contractor ManTech International and intends to release seized documents within 24 hours.

"ManTech has been owned. Release within 24h," said the Anonymous tweet.

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Anonymous has led a long string of raids into corporate networks, claiming to use that hacking as a means to draw attention to causes and issues it embraces. Its recent activities have it going up against the U.S. military, its allies and any defense contractors.

International law enforcement efforts have been stepped up recently to try and apprehend members of the group, which recently broke into another contractor with defense ties, Booz Allen Hamilton. But Anonymous, with a long string of successful raids into a multitude of corporate networks, is so far not proving easy to apprehend.

At times, the group has run circles around its pursuers, as it did this month when Anonymous slipped into the network of Italy's police unit responsible for combating cybercrime. Reportedly stolen in that attack was more than 8GB of internal data that the group has threatened to publish.

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