Linksys prevails in dual-band duel

Asus is tops in performance, style among 6 vendors

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Wireless routers are always something of a mystery. They combine a number of features into a single box and are usually complex to set up, but require little attention after that. 

Set up properly, they can provide high-speed wired and wireless access to a wide range of devices, securely connect to storage and printers, route between parts of your internal network and protect against hackers. (See how we conducted our test.)

If that sounds like a tall order, it is. That is why wireless routers tend to be one of the more frequently returned items in general use. Wireless routers are also inconsistent in the services they offer, the way those services are presented to users, the ease with which they are enabled or disabled and the ease with which they can be found and made available by the system administrator.

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