Most overused LinkedIn profile words of 2011: creative, organizational, effective

Online professional network advises banishing buzzwords as you update your profile to end the year

If you were really as "creative" as your resume claims, you'd use different terminology to showcase your skills, according to LinkedIn's 2011 list of most overused words and phrases.

The online professional network, whose membership has ballooned from 85 million a year ago to 135 million, says the term "creative" is the one that pops up most often on LinkedIn profiles not just in the United States, but in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom as well.

The top 10 list in full reads:

1. Creative 

2. Organizational 

3. Effective 

4. Extensive experience 

5. Track record 

6. Motivated 

7. Innovative 

8. Problem solving 

9. Communication skills 

10. Dynamic

"Extensive experience" tumbled from the top spot a year ago.

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Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's Connection director, advises LinkedIn users to ditch buzzwords and "Give concrete examples of results you've achieved whenever possible and reference attributes that are specific to you." LinkedIn features a section called LinkedIn Skills that highlights up-and-coming professional skills job seekers might want to include in their profiles if appropriate.

Good news for IT workers is that some 65% of hiring managers say they plan to add IT staff in 2012. Among the hot jobs: mobile apps developers, data warehouse analysts and user experience designers. 

Bob doesn't use the term "creative" in his LinkedIn profile even though he is.

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