Techies get reality TV show

Bravo show will follow Silicon Valley entrepreneurs


The day has come: Techies will now have their own reality TV show.

Television network Bravo has confirmed that a show with the working title of "Silicon Valley" will follow "hot young professionals with big dreams on the road to becoming techie superstars." It's slated to be part of its suite of new programs announced Wednesday on the Network's blog.


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The show is attracting some tech celebrities. According to reports, Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is slated to produce the show, and a video announcing the show on Bravo's website features popular European video blogger and new media entrepreneur Hermione Way.

"Being a geek is like being the new rock stars" Way says in the video, while another young techie states: "Silicon Valley is high school, but only the smart kids, and everyone has a lot of money."

Silicon Valley

But Zuckerberg, in a statement, says that the show is not all about television drama. "I'm a strong believer in innovation and entrepreneurship and hope that through this series other people will be inspired to build the next breakout companies and technologies." No word yet on when the show will debut or who other casts members could be.

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