Our future cyberdefenders set to face off

National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition challenges security-savvy college students

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) later this month will host the three-day National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition for the seventh consecutive year.

The event, sponsored by Deloitte and launching April 20, brings together 10 champs from regional competitions held at universities across the United States.

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The teams compete by trying to protect phony data networks from realistic attacks.

The event gets plenty of attention from the businesses and the U.S. government, which is attempting to step up its cyberattack defense systems. Both have come to find hiring prospects at the competition over the years.

"Our nation is under constant attack from various cyber criminals, from individuals stealing personal financial information to sophisticated terrorist networks seeking to hack into our electrical grid and be a detriment to our way of life," said General Harry Raduege, chairman of Deloitte's Center for Cyber Innovation, in a statement. "Our nation continues to seek out and employ the best and brightest to combat cyber crimes."

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