Comcast announces additions to Xfinity Voice with 'Voice2go'

Today we'll highlight more news coming from Comcast which has announced feature additions to its Xfinity Voice with "Voice 2go." Xfinity Voice is a VoIP service, and Comcast reported over 9.5 million voice customers in Q1 2012, counting both residential and business customers. The latest Voice 2go features provide functionality to Comcast's home phone service customers that are more typically found with a mobile smartphone service; Xfinity Voice already provides text messaging and readable voicemail as part of Comcast's digital phone service.

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The latest new features with Voice 2go include:

•Free calls and text messaging using a Wi-Fi network connection with a newly redesigned Xfinity Connect Mobile app. The app is also offers connectivity over a 4G or 3G wireless data channel which don't use wireless minutes, although data charges may apply.

• Advanced Call Forwarding can be used to forward phone calls made to the subscriber's home phone number on to as many as four additional phones or devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPod touches and Android-powered devices. Advance Call Forwarding can potentially eliminate the need to subscribe to an additional monthly cellular plan by forwarding calls to a Wi-Fi-connected mobile device like a tablet.

•The "Personal Phone Numbers" feature provides up to four virtual numbers that are not tied to the subscriber's primary Xfinity Voice number, so numbers can be assigned to up to four family members. Personal Phone Numbers work within the Xfinity Connect Mobile app so users can also make calls and text for free when on a Wi-Fi network.

Voice 2go features are available to new Xfinity Voice customers now, and the features will be rolled out to existing customers on a market-by-market basis beginning this summer. The Xfinity Connect Mobile app can be downloaded for free on the iTunes Store or Android Market as well as online through Xfinity Connect online.

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