Hand-e-holder puts iPad in the palm of your hand


Michigan-based Hand-e-holder has launched a line of products designed to ensure that your iPad will never fall out of your hand at the least opportune moment.

The Hand-e-holder is a simple device that consists of two parts: an adhesive disk applied to the back of your iPad, and a strap that looks vaguely like a biking glove and fits snuggly around your hand. You can then attach the disk to the holder and securely carry the iPad around with a single hand, without any worry about it slipping out of your fingers when you're not paying attention.

And that's not all: the glove-like holder includes a swivel head that lets you turn the iPad to the most convenient orientation without having to take it off the mount, all the while maintaining its snug fit on your hand.

Hand-e-holder envisions a number of different uses for its accessory, including applications in the medical field, at a mechanic's shop or pretty much any other scenario in which having a free hand is useful. As such, the company has built an entire line of companion articles around their flagship product; this includes an adaptor plate for wall mounting and several stands for a variety of uses.

The basic Hand-e-holder system, which is available directly from the manufacturer Website, costs $40, while additional accessories range in price from $6 for an extra adhesive disk to $50 for leg strap kit.

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