Microsoft, Facebook Partner on 'Bing Social' Search Tool

With the announcement of “Bing Social” Bing is aligning itself with the social networking site to get the edge on Google


Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg joined Microsoft Wednesday to announced new features to the Bing search engine that add "social search" aspects to help you find what you want online. Bing Social, as it is called, is a new part of the Bing service that will consult your Facebook information and that of your friends in order to inform and refine your search results on Bing.

Here how Microsoft describes how it would work: If you're looking online for a movie to watch, just looking at Websites won't give you a movie you will like. Bing Social will consult the tastes of your friends on Facebook to deliver a search result full containing movies you are more likely to like.

There is also talk here of enabling Microsoft properties with Facebook Connect, which would allow users to log into things like Hotmail with their Facebook credentials, instead of with a separate Microsoft username and password. This feature, I'm hearing, will not be announced today, however.

It's a move we should have seen coming. Microsoft and Facebook are both lined up as enemies of Google-Microsoft in search and many other web services, Facebook in the realm of social services. Facebook is increasingly becoming people's entry point to the web, a role Google's search engine has traditionally held.

We are at the press event live.

More details to come..

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