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I mentioned in the last issue that Symplified had mentioned to me (OK, it was Marc Gendron, their always helpful PR consultant who mentioned it) that identity management ranked as the No. 1 security technology priority among respondents in Gartner's 2010 CIO Survey. Symplified attributes this to "... businesses looking to deploy advanced federated identity technologies both within the enterprise for single sign-on and as a way to extend identity-based access control into cloud-computing environments."

Well they would, wouldn't they? (Their catch phrase is, "The Cloud Security Company.")

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But they are backing those words with products. Just this week they announced the Symplified Suite, the third generation of their solution that unifies cloud Web access management, federated single sign-on (SSO), and user management/provisioning with identity management.

The Symplified Suite addresses the complete life cycle of identity and access management for public and private cloud applications (or SaaS, software-as-a-service) and resources (IaaS, identity-as-a-service, and PaaS, platform-as-a-service). The suite's three integrated components, Symplified Access Manager, Symplified Identity manager and Symplified Sign-On, provide access management, authentication, user provisioning and administration, federated SSO and usage auditing. For easy access and massive scalability, Symplified is now available in 40 data centers around the globe including Amazon EC2.

To increase user registration and lead capture rates for Web site operators, Symplified Sign-On is an OpenID Relying Party (RP), accepting logins from frequently used consumer identity providers including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other OpenID providers. This eliminates redundant and time-consuming Web site registration for users, and enables developers to easily and quickly support OpenID based authentication. In addition, Symplified Sign-On reduces costs for businesses by allowing user management to be delegated (should the business choose), via OpenID, to consumer ID providers.

If OpenID doesn't seem right for you, though, Symplified can help eliminate the complex and time consuming coding required to enable SSO for cloud applications using the SAML and HTTP-FED identity federation standards. Symplified has introduced the Trust Connector. This capability provides SAML and HTTP-FED integration for virtually any application -- without writing code. The Trust Connector reduces from weeks to minutes the time it takes to create SSO connections for both SAML and HTTP Web applications.

There's a lot more in the new Symplified Suite, more than I can tell you about here. Visit the Web site for all the details. And while you're there, download the white paper "How SaaS Cuts The High Costs of Web Access and SSO By 80% with On Demand Identity" to see if this is a solution that meets your needs.

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