SailPoint takes identity management to the cloud

Cloud offering works with, Google Apps out of the gate

SailPoint Tuesday put forward its strategy to extend the provisioning and access control capabilities of its IdentityIQ product to cloud-based environments.

SailPoint announced it is now supplying connectors for pulling user information related to and Google Apps, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications its customers may use, so that identity-based information can be centrally stored for provisioning and de-provisioning purposes just as their in-house applications are managed under IdentityIQ today. Other SaaS-based "connectors" are expected out this summer.

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Secondly, SailPoint introduced its Cloud Identity Bridge, an "aggregation point" to manage corporate identity-based information in cloud environments such as Amazon's EC2. The Cloud Identity Bridge, expected out this summer, is intended to collect information about SailPoint cloud connectors so it can all be viewed by a single screen, says Jackie Gilbert, vice president of marketing.

"You can go to a single screen and see what's inside the cloud," she says. This would present the provisioning and entitlements for corporate users that have been extended into a cloud environment.

The goal is to "make the management simpler" in cloud-based computing environments where access control and provisioning for users may be done in a very manual and non-centralized way, said SailPoint CTO Darran Rolls. If an individual leaves the company, the de-provisioning of the cloud-based service he or she used would be as simple as de-provisioning the in-house applications and services.

The Cloud Identity Bridge is not yet priced, but SailPoint intends to include cloud connectors bundled with IdentityIQ, which starts at about $100,000.

SailPoint's cloud strategy puts it in competition with CA, Symplified and Okta.

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