Apple WWDC sold out, but tickets surface on eBay, Craigslist

Expect to pay much more than Apple's $1,600 price for a scalped WWDC ticket on e-commerce sites

(UPDATE: By 3pm east coast time, at least 8 WWDC tickets could be found on eBay, with a high price of about $4,500 under a Buy Now option.)

If you really want to attend Apple's sold-out Worldwide Developers Conference in June but didn't snap up tickets right away, sellers on eBay and Craigslist might have what you want – but at a hefty price.

Apple sold out its event, which will be focused on iOS and Mac OS X software, in under 12 hours. Tickets went for $1,600 face value.

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Last year, WWDC sold out in 8 days, indicating that Apple has somehow become an even a hotter ticket as developers rush for gold to be had in building and selling products for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple platforms. Apple dominates the global market for mobile apps and last year sold $1.8 billion worth, according to one recent report.

We spotted WWDC 2011 tickets Tuesday morning on both eBay and Craigslist, but not at face value of course.

One ticket on eBay features a Buy Now price of $3,150 and bidding on the ticket is scheduled to take place between now and April 5.  The Greenwich, Conn., seller, who warns potential buyers that "You must be registered as a developer with apple to activate the ticket!," is separately hawking some Apple Mac Mini RAM.

Another ticket on eBay , from a seller in Littleton, Colo., started at $1,599 but had risen to $2,500 by the 12th bid. 

Over on Craigslist, a ticket went up for sale on Monday afternoon for $2,500 by a seller in Santa Clara.  The seller teases: "Mulling over attending the WWDC but the tickets are sold out ? I have an extra that i'm willing to part with for cash."

Tickets for last year's WWDC also showed up on both e-commerce sites shortly after that event sold out.

Apple makes no reference on its WWDC 2011 FAQ about ticket resale being forbidden. 

The same process took place following the sell-out last month of the Google I/O event, being held in May, with some tickets being offered for four times face value.  (Network World's Jon Brodkin will be attending Google I/O and reporting from the event, by the way.)

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