PETA criticizes use of fighting pit bulls in Mafia Wars


The animal advocacy group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is protesting Zynga's use of animals as attack items in Mafia Wars. In particular, PETA is accusing the Facebook game developer of perpetuating the stereotype of pit bulls as a dangerous breed.

Earlier this week, Zynga introduced pit bulls and African lions as items in Mafia Wars in preparation for an upcoming update in which "animals will become a fully-fledged combat item class." PETA has taken exception to the move, stating on its official blog that "perpetuating the image of pit bulls as fighting machines is reckless and wrong."

While PETA doesn't completely condemn Zynga, mentioning the positive portrayal of animals within games like Farmville, the group does encourage anyone offended by the move to email Zynga's customer service department to register a complaint. Do you think Zynga went to far, or is PETA just overreacting?

SOURCE: Mafia War(s) Declared on Animals! [The PETA Files, via GamePolitics]

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