Japanese role-playing textbooks, new chapter in edutainment


Japanese news outfit Asahi reports that Namco Bandai -- the Japanese role-playing game powerhouse behind the Tales series -- and textbook publisher Gakko Tosho have a partnership to produce textbooks laced with JRPG elements. The new textbooks in development for math, science, and language arts will hit classrooms as early as next spring.

It sounds like Namco Bandai is layering a choose-your-own adventure into the basic work/textbooks most students use in elementary school. Students follow an RPG storyline by, say, solving math problems and each right answer nets them a key. Scoring enough keys wins the student some kind of prize -- but it's not clear if the prize is contained within the book or something physical the teacher distributes. It could be pretty entertaining edutainment if it's not too easy to cheat the game like you can with most choose-your-own adventures.

Source:?????????????????????????? [Asahi via Andriasang]

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