Netuitive aims for the clouds

* Automated, end-to-end service views and a performance management database are the highlights of 5.0 release

The more automated and dynamic an IT infrastructure, the better -- right? That's why the highly agile and scalable self-service cloud computing model holds so much promise for the enterprise, after all.

But this comes with a few caveats. For one, if you can't monitor and manage performance across this fluid next-generation infrastructure, then you'll have a problem. And, if you can't effectively align what you're doing with the delivery of business services, then you'll have an even bigger issue.

Netuitive, a self-learning performance management software maker named by Network World sister publication CIO as a virtualization vendor to watch for 2010, thinks it has the solution. The company has combined its respected Service Analyzer analysis engine, which monitors the behavior of physical and virtual machines and creates a set of baselines it defines as "normal," with its Netuitive SI for VMware performance management software, which identifies virtual machines and maps dependencies among resources in a virtual environment, to create the new cloud-ready Netuitive 5.0. This latest product automates end-to-end service views and monitoring administration, isolates root causes and forecasts degradations, says Daniel Heimlich, vice president at Netuitive.

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Netuitive 5.0 features two new capabilities. The first is Unified Visualization, which aggregates service views from distributed infrastructures, regardless of monitoring source or geography, into a real-time dashboard showing service health end-to-end. The second is Performance Management Database (PMDB), which leverages data collected from an enterprise's existing systems monitoring tools to create a single source of IT performance data. The PMDB enables a number of different capabilities, including running quick searches of data points for evaluating and optimizing system performance, identifying resource utilization from different angles and analyzing resource usage by a variety of metrics, Heimlich says.

In a product brief, research firm Enterprise Management Associates calls Netuitive 5.0 "a natural" monitoring tool for cloud services and dynamic, heterogeneous environments. "Netuitive's solution is, in fact," the brief states, "a strong proof point that cloud can serve as a catalyst to drive advances in service management toward more effective capabilities for assimilating, reconciling, analyzing, automating and visualizing service-to-infrastructure interdependencies."

Netuitive 5.0 is available now.

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