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If you missed our liveblog of Sony's press conference, we've got a rundown of all the best bits right here. Get the info you need on the PSP2, Move, and anything else out of Sony you may have missed.

Here's the big stuff:

Sony Move Controller price: $49.99.

Sony Move Release Date: Europe -- September 15th, North America -- September 19th, Japan -- October 21

Sony Navigation controller price: $29.99.

PS3 Sports Champions Move Bundle price: $399

Number of new games we didn't already know about: Technically 3 if you count Portal 2 coming to PS3. Heroes on the Move and Sorcery were certainly news to us.

Here are the big games:

Killzone 3 -- The third chapter in the Nazi-flavored sci-fi shooter introduces jet packs and a more varied lineup of environments. -- 02/2011

Mortal Kombat -- Based on the name, you already know what this ninth game in the famed fighting series is about. Unfortunately, the short clip during the conference didn't tell us much else. -- Release date unknown

Heroes on the Move -- A Smash Bros.-style mashup of Sony favorites including Jak, Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper, Bentley, and Daxter. Like the name says, it's a Move title. -- Release date probably fall 2010 to coincide with Move launch

Sorcery -- A Move fantasy adventure where you control a Harry Potter-esque character. The Move controller works like a wand to fling and combine spells during magic battles against troll-looking enemies. -- Release date probably fall 2010 to coincide with Move launch

LittleBigPlanet 2 -- The beloved PS3 title is back with more level editing functionality that lets users program non-playable Sackpeople and puzzle or shooter elements. -- Release date unknown

God of War: Ghost of Sparta -- Kratos takes on the PSP once again in an interquel to the God of War series. -- Release date unknown

Portal 2 -- We're happy to see Valve show up somewhere after canceling their press event at this E3. Gabe Newell didn't give too much away about the game itself, but he did break the good news that Steam is coming to PS3. -- Sometime in 2011

Gran Turismo 5 -- Seems like this racing game has been coming out forever. Now they tell us it'll finally be out in November. -- 11/02/10

inFamous 2 -- Step back into Cole's shocking shoes for another good/evil super-whatever romp. Looks like he has power over ice now and Shadow of the Colossus-huge bosses. -- Release date unknown

Twisted Metal -- David Jaffe's racing game series returns exclusively to the PlayStation 3. Expect deathmatch multiplayer, four-person online split screen, 16 person online multiplayer, and vehicles that fly. There's also a new multiplayer mode called Nuke where you have to destroy your enemy's faction statue by sacrificing someone on your faction to a missile launcher. -- Sometime in 2011

Here's some weird/funny stuff that happened during the press conference:

--Kevin Butler upstaged Peter Dille presenting Sony Move titles. The Sony rep who conceived of Butler's character deserves a Platinum Trophy.

--Heavy Rain is getting Move functionality, which may or may not improve the quicktime event chains.

--Butler introduced actor Bobb'e J. Thompson as the new PSP spokespersona, Marcus. Let's see if he can meet the bar Butler set for funny.

--Sony announced 70 new PSP games by the end of the year... but not a new PSP platform, like the rumored PSP2.

--There's a Tester: Season 2 in the works.

--Sony's E3 booth is virtualized in PlayStation Home for all the poor people who can't mob it at E3.

--PlayStation Network will offer a premium service called PlayStation Plus that costs $49.99 for a full years' access to priority beta invites, exclusive content, discounts on the PlayStation store, and auto-patches.

--Portal 2 and Steam are coming to PS3.

--Sony's secured lots of exclusive content for multi-platform games. Example: PS3 gets exclusive day one content for Mafia II, exclusive mission pack for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood as well as an exclusive multiplayer beta.

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