David Letterman piles on Apple’s iPhone 4 problems

“Top 10 signs you’ve purchased a bad iPhone”


You know you've got a real public relations fiasco on your hands when David Letterman targets you in his Top Ten List. Letterman put aside BP and Bristol Palin for a few minutes to give Apple and its iPhone 4 issues the special treatment on Tuesday night.

According to Letterman, the "Top 10 signs you've purchased a bad iPhone" are:

10. To make a call, you have to insert a quarter

9. Automatically answers every call with a computerized, "Yello!"

8. Operates on 20 "D" batteries

7. Pre-loaded with naked photos of Steve Jobs

6. You keep getting anonymous texts reading, "iPhone kill you"

5. "Apple Store" looks suspiciously like some dude's trunk

4. Looks, smells and tastes like a Pop-Tart

3. There's no lather when washing your cornea (Sorry, that's a sign you've purchased a bad eye foam)

2. You check your email and it shocks your nuts

1. Only accepts calls from Mel Gibson

The late night talk show host and other pundits (including a couple of Steve Jobs impersonators on Twitter) have been getting their licks in on Apple, as it tries to figure out how to solve antenna problems with its iPhone 4. Word is that Apple is planning a press conference on Friday and will have updated iOS software for its phones this week. 

The iPhone 4 debacle isn't the first fodder Apple has given TV personalities to use in their shticks.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart assailed Apple for its Big Brother behavior during the notorious lost/stolen iPhone 4 episode during the spring involving Website Gizmodo and an unfortunate Apple employee. 

Ellen Degeneres took her swings at Apple in May, airing a fake commercial mocking the iPhone's ease of use. She wound up apologizing to Apple, noting that "The people at Apple didn't think it was so funny." 

The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert gave Apple much kinder treatment back in January during the Grammy Awards show when he pulled an iPad out of his jacket to pull up the list of Song of the Year candidates.

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