CA Technologies secures Google Docs, eyes more of the cloud

CA identity Manager gets support for Google Docs

CA Technologies Wednesday outlined plans to expand its cloud-computing security strategy, including immediate support for Google Docs by its CA Identity Manager product.

The on-premises enterprise product CA Identity Manager, originally designed to exert identity and access management controls solely for internal resources, has already been expanded to support apps. This gives enterprises using CA Identity Manager a way to exert the same credentialing and authorization security controls in the and Google apps environments as they do internally under the centrally managed on-premises system.

Secrecy of cloud computing providers raises IT security risks

CA is looking at becoming an identity service provider for cloud-based application environments, says Matthew Gardiner, director of the company's security and compliance business unit. In addition, CA is looking to work with third-party services to support a variety of cloud-based services, for example log collection, using CA products.

"There are vertical industries, such as healthcare and manufacturing, where we would partner with third-party service providers," Gardiner says, adding specific announcements around CA's cloud strategy will be forthcoming later this summer.Novell, which during the past year has made an aggressive push to adapt some of its fundamental technologies in identity management to work in cloud-based environments.

CA's moves could put it on a similar path as

Gardiner says the emergence of cloud-based computing is effecting change inside enterprises. "Every IT decision is being re-considered," he notes. The question "Why are we doing this?" is being applied to many internal IT systems.

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