Girls play PSP more than boys


M2 research published a study today that breaks down gaming demographics among teens. Some interesting factoids include teen girls' preference for PSP and the staggering statistic that 90 percent of tweens play games online.

The study, the first in a series titled Kids and Games: What Boys and Girls are Playing Today, also contained some more obvious information anybody in the video game space already knows: that Facebook is king of online/social gaming platforms and that the Nintendo DS rules the handheld market with an iron fist.

The breakdown of age gaps and gender splits in video game preferences is more interesting. For example, Facebook is really only king for boys when they're between the ages of 8 and 11 and king for girls only between the ages of 12 and 15. There's also a "sweet spot" for online gaming that hits both genders right between ages 8 and 11 -- the study says 91 percent of tween boys and 93 percent of tween girls play their games online.

That PSP statistic, however, takes the cake as far as surprises go. Seriously, 70 percent of teen girls versus only 44 percent for boys? Maybe Sony picked the wrong kid to do its new PSP marketing campaign:

Check M2 Research out here.

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