Teradata, Cloudera revolutionise data gathering, analysing

Partnership allows conversion of information for more detailed analytical insight


In a move intended to revolutionise the way research is done online, Teradata--a company focusing on enterprise analytics and data warehousing--has partnered with Hadoop-based service and software-management provider Cloudera.

These new partners are going to put together a pipeline for Teradata customers using Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop (CDH). The companies say this pipeline will be used to funnel unstructured data from many online sources straight to a Teradata data facility, where masses of raw data can be analysed in detail.

Useful information

The intention is to let users put together and consult large data pools, enjoy a larger amount of useful information than ever before, from both structured and unstructured data sources.

Hadoop, the parallel processing framework used to run programs written in Python, Java and other such languages, has mainly been used for data reporting purposes, such as extraction of data from Web server log files. However, it can be used for other purposes, too--from image recognition and analysis to data collection and large-scale data movement.

As Cloudera chief executive officer Mike Olson says, thanks to this joint solution, customers of his company can now connect their data-search results to financial metrics, customer profiles and the like. But according to Richard Winter, the president of Winter Corporation--a specialist in very large data solutions--such a powerful integrated tool for complex-data analysis can help many users build their next competitive advantage.

Uncover new opportunities

This revolutionary development is possible thanks to the affinity of parallel processing networks (like Hadoop) to parallel data warehouses (such as Teradata's analytical database engine). Each may have been put together for different types of data exploration, but when combined--as Teradata and Cloudera are doing--they can help users acquire enormous amounts of data from all kinds of sources. But that's not all; deployment of both parallel technologies, according to an expert, can help uncover new opportunities, invent new applications and realise competitive advantages.

The two partners are to work together very closely on this cutting-edge joint solution. Teradata's Hadoop Connector is going to be bundled with Cloudera Enterprise for free; Cloudera will offer support for the Hadoop Connector; and both companies will market their solution together, using educational events, webinars and the like.

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