Yahoo puts an exclamation point on the real story

Company publicly downplays ‘speculation,’ yet punctuation mark sings different tune


Even as Yahoo issues press statements designed to dampen "rumor and speculation" about potential new ownership arrangements, someone has been using an unusual communications channel to more candidly signal the company's intentions ... and, frankly, its desperation.

You may or may not know that clicking on the period on the exclamation point at the end of the Yahoo! homepage logo has for many years produced an audio rendering of the famous Yahoo yodel: Ya-hooo-oooo. Go there and try it, or give it a listen here:

Less well known is that someone - no yodeler, this guy - has from time to time recently been hijacking the melodious punctuation mark to send cryptic messages, a few of which we have managed to intercept and record.

There's the generic plaintive appeal:


And a reminder that the company is under new management since the September sacking of former CEO Carol Bartz:


And even an acknowledgment that no reasonable offer will be refused:


Right now all you'll hear is the standard choir-sung version, which itself is a departure from the iconic Yahoo yodel recorded by Wylie Gustafson back in 1996.

We'll keep listening for new updates, though.

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