OpenStack, Cloud Builders And The Future Of The Cloud

Public, Private or Hybrid, OpenStack wants to be your cloud platform of choice

Earlier this week I wrote about a new service from Rackspace Cloud Builders division called Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition. It is a cloud management as a service (CM-aaS) offering that allows anyone to set up a private cloud on their own premises, in a Rackspace data center or even another data center.

Based on the open source OpenStack platform, the folks at Cloud Builders have also published the reference architecture based on their own experiences and lessons at Rackspace cloud (the 2nd largest public cloud). This serves as a best practices guide for anyone setting up an OpenStack cloud.

I had a chance to sit down with Jim Curry, GM of Rackspace Cloud Builders and Jesse Andrews, who is sort of the de facto CTO of Cloud Builders.  They have a passion and vision for both the cloud and for OpenStack as the platform of choice for it.  Whether you are talking about private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud deployments, Curry and Andrews think OpenStack is the best choice.

They are not alone either, there are more and more companies joining the program everyday.  

As a business builder myself, it is always invigorating to listen to folks who are really jazzed about what they do. So have a listen as Jim and Jesse talk to me about the cloud.

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