Smartphone/stun gun ranks as one of TSA's top finds for 2011

Undeclared firearms, inert landmines also grab TSA's attention during airport screenings

stun gun/smartphone

Apple, HTC, Samsung, RIM and other smartphone makers are really outdoing themselves these days cranking out new must-have smartphones. But to our knowledge, none of them have yet gotten to the point where they've intentionally started to sell combination smartphones/weapons.

However, one enterprising traveler did get the Transportation Security Administration's attention at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) last year -- as recalled in a blog post from TSA about its top 10 good catches for 2011 -- by disguising a stun gun as a smartphone.  TSA wrote at the time: "Transportation Security Officers at LAX were 'stunned' when they discovered a smart phone. Not just any smart phone... It was a cute little pink smartphone that gave a whole new meaning to 'bad connection.' It was a stun gun."

The passenger gave up the device and was allowed to board the plane...

A surprising lack of other tech-related items made the top 10 list, which was filled out with such items as an innocent but scary looking science project and lots and lots and lots of guns.

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