One more take on the iPad of the future: the MacPad Pro

Designer envisions a very, very touchy Apple tablet/laptop

Designer Jules Moretti of WET Design isn't messing around with just a Retina display, LTE connectivity or powerful processing in his vision of the future Apple iPad. He'd like to see Apple merge an iPad 3 or whatever the next version might be called, with a MacBook Pro to create a MacPad Pro that features a double Retina display touchscreen (no keyboard).

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Moretti also bids farewell to the Ethernet port, though includes 2 Thunderbolt and 3 USB 3 ports in his creation.

While Moretti isn't suggesting that Apple actually has this device up its sleeve, we reportedly will find out rather soon what Apple does have planned for the next iPad. Reports have been glommed onto this week regarding a March 7 debut for the next iPad, which could be Apple's first to work on LTE 4G wireless networks (it could also face customs issues in China, according to other reports).

Dual-screen devices aren't new -- the Microsoft Courier, Acer Iconia and NEC LifeTouch have been among those shown in the past -- but it would be new for Apple.

Apple continues to dominate the tablet computer market, but challengers seem to emerge almost daily, with Amazon's Kindle Fire being the biggest threat of late and a new batch of devices expected to debut at Mobile World Congress later this month. Apple sold 15 million tables in Q4.

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