Looking for stolen iPad, Police find 750 pounds of Meth

Palo Alto Police, while searching for a stolen iPad, accidentally stumbled onto something much bigger - 750 pounds of Meth

As Apple's popularity has grown over the past 10 years, so too have the number of crimes and thefts involving coveted products like the iPod and the iPhone. Typically, thieves engage in "smash and grab" type crimes at Apple retail stores or isolated muggings. But sometimes thieves get inventive, such as when a team of crooks a few years ago drilled a hole into the roof of a Best Buy, rappelled down and made out with a number of iPads, Mission Impossible style.

And other times, well, let's just say that not every criminal is an evil mastermind.

In the latest saga involving a stolen Apple product, we have a little bit of a Breaking Bad inspired mayhem going on.

A few weeks ago, Police in Palo Alto were hot on the trail of a stolen iPad using the "Find my iPad" feature in iOS. Now there are certainly no shortage of stories involving authorities, and sometimes enterprising iOS owners, using the feature to track down their stolen/missing iPhone or iPad.

But this story is just a little bit different.

After tracking down the iPad to an apartment complex in San Jose, the Palo Alto Police entered the apartment and were stunned to find, in addition to the iPad, one of the largest methamphetamine stashes ever seized in the US.

Somewhat comically, the officers, upon finding the apartment in question, didn't have a search warrant -  so instead, they knocked on the door and asked to come in.

Not wanting to arouse suspicion, the individual who answered the door invited the officers in.

Once inside, the officers notice a strange oder and, next thing you know, they discovered 750 pounds of meth being stored in and around the apartment.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said roughly 100 pounds or a little more of meth are recovered annually in the county, making this seizure "easily at least six years worth," he said.

"I told my dad about the bust," said Rosen, "and he said, 'They have $35 million, and they can't go out and buy an iPad?"

Police immediately arrested three people... They then contacted the district attorney's Major Narcotic Vendor Prosecution Unit, which drew up a search warrant.

750 pounds of Meth! Man, it's like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman exist in real life and have been hiding out in Palo Alto all this time.

Putting the figure into perspective, 750 pounds of Meth reportedly represents approximately 16% of all the methamphetamine that law enforcement officials seized in all of 2011.

DEA spokesperson Casey Rettig added, "A seizure of this magnitude is extremely rare."

The three individuals arrested are all in their 20s, were arraigned yesterday, and are being held on $2 million bail each.

via Mercury News

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