Apple HDTV production to commence this Summer - Analyst

Analyst Peter Misek anticipates Apple's HDTV will launch before the end of 2012

The Apple rumor mill tends to work in cycles. With the iPad announcement and release now behind us, all eyes will next be turning to Apple's next major product launch - the iPhone 5. Though if you believe some reports, Apple's next-gen iPhone will simply be called "iPhone."

But looking out beyond the anticipated iPhone 5 launch, a larger rumor lurks overhead. Of course, I'm referring to the rumored Apple HDTV.

To say that we know little to nothing about Apple's HDTV would be an understatement. As far as we can tell, Apple is looking to revolutionize the TV viewing experience by perhaps implementing an a'la carte system whereby users would only pay for the cable channels they actually watch. Apple's efforts to strike deals with content providers, however, have reportedly been less than successful.

In any event, Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek returned from a trip to China last week and concluded that Apple will release its highly anticipated HDTV sometime before the end of 2012. Misek didn't have a solid source for this aside from gathering that small quantities of HDTV components began shipping to Apple's display panel suppliers recently.

Consequently, Misek anticipates mass production to begin sometime in May or June with a release scheduled sometime during the fourth quarter of 2012.

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