iPod godfather Tony Fadell says Scott Forstall 'got what he deserved'

iPod godfather Tony Fadell isn't sad that Scott Forstall is leaving Apple.

Tony Fadell is largely regarded as the godfather of the iPod, a befitting title given that he was an instrumental player on Apple's iPod team going all the way back to its very beginning. You might even say that the idea for what would become the modern-day iPod was strictly Fadell's. And with the rise of the iPod, so grew Fadell's influence within Apple as he steadily rose through the ranks to become Apple's Senior VP of the iPod division.

But in November 2008, word spread that Fadell was leaving Apple to pursue other opportunities. The story goes that Fadell decided to leave after not being put in charge of Apple's hardware engineering group. Of course, only Fadell and a few others at Apple are privy to the real story behind his departure.

In any event, in a recent interview with the BBC, Fadell - who is typically rather demure - spoke openly about the recent departure of Scott Forstall. Fadell has an interesting perspective on the situation because word has it that Fadell was part of a team that was against running a variant of OS X on the iPhone, something Scott Forstall championed. In other words, if anyone has an impassioned opinion of note regarding Forstall, it's Fadell.

To that end, when Fadell was asked about clashing with Forstall, he didn't mince words. Asked three times about Forstall's depature and reported tension within the iOS group at Apple, Fadell responded in succession:

I think we know what really happened. Scott got what he deserved, and we move on.

I think what happened a few weeks back was deserved and justified and it happened.

Again, I think what he deserved, he got.

Point taken.

As for an Apple without Forstall, Fadell responded:

I think Apple's in a great place. Actually, if you read some of the reports, people in Cupertino were cheering when that event happened. And so I think Apple's in a great space. It has great products. There are other amazing people at the company. And I think those people actually have a chance to have a firm footing now and continue the legacy that Steve left.

Interesting stuff.

You can check out the full video where Fadell also touches about his Nest venture below.

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