The Cloud Orchestration Layer With Dave Jilk of Standing Cloud

Standing Cloud CEO discusses the future of cloud integrations

With all of the talk around competing cloud standards, integrations and platforms, one can be excused for confusing some or all of the various players. Will one of these standards win out and dominate the rest? It would make life easier for some, but as my guest on today's podcast, Dave Jilk, CEO of Standing Cloud says, that is often not the case.

Dave and Standing Cloud have been involved with the Cloud for some time now. They offer hosted versions of well over 100 open source products across a wide range of cloud platforms and cloud providers.  As such Dave and his team have a front row seat to both the cloud revolution and how these standards are playing out

Dave is a serial entrepreneur who takes an experienced eye to all that we are seeing around OpenStack, CloudStack, AWS, VMware, etc.

My conversation with Dave is just about 16 or so minutes long. Have a listen, I am sure you will learn something that will help you make sense out of what we are seeing in the cloud today.

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