Microsoft Invests In DotNetNuke Bringing It To Azure

Open source .Net CMS now available in Azure Cloud

As readers of my blog know, I am a big fan of the many open source content management systems (CMS) that are available. One of my favorites is DotNetNuke (DNN), the leading open source CMS on the .Net platform.  A while back the DNN folks really started to emphasize the social aspect of their platform, labeling it a Social Content Management System.  Whenever I spoke to the DNN folks I was frankly surprised why I didn't see Microsoft putting more support behind this great project. Now Microsoft and DNN have announced a strategic partnership that will see DNN available in the Microsoft Azure platform and an investment by Microsoft in the company to help with engineering, sales and marketing.

I say it is about time. What took Microsoft so long to realize that DNN was an ace in the hole for Redmond? Running on the .Net platform, DNN is a natural for getting folks onto a Microsoft infrastructure stack.  It always seemed like a no brainer to give these guys maximum support.  

According to the release, the Azure/DNN offerring will have:

  • One-Click Installation and Setup – Customers select a service plan and a new DotNetNuke installation and a website are automatically created.
  • Full Feature Set – Access to all of DotNetNuke’s powerful CMS features, including site management, social collaboration, granular security, advanced content workflows, document management, page and module caching, analytics, and mobile site management.
  • App Store – Customers can build and customize websites by purchasing applications and design templates through the DotNetNuke Store.
  • Custom Development – Organizations that wish to develop custom functionality have full access to the DotNetNuke platform and API. Some service offerings include full file system access for developers.
  • Upgrades – The service streamlines and simplifies the process of upgrading a site to a newer version of the DotNetNuke platform.
  • Import/Export – Existing sites can be moved onto the cloud platform or exported to another hosting provider.
  • Backup and Restore – Sites are automatically backed and earlier versions can be restored.
  • Test Sites – Plans include the ability to test websites before they are made publically available.
  • Additionally, besides the Azure offering Microsoft and DNN have agreed to:

  • DotNetNuke Community Edition availability through Microsoft CodePlex, the open source project hosting service
  • DotNetNuke’s inclusion in Web Platform Installer
  • DotNetNuke’s inclusion in Web Matrix installer for developers
  • DotNetNuke’s participation in Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Windows Azure
  • Development  of a RAZOR module for the DotNetNuke Platform
  • Microsoft’s Diamond Sponsorship of DNN World 2012

    This is great news for the DNN team. Congrats to CEO Navin Nagiah and the rest of the DNN team.

    This is great news for the DNN team. Congrats to CEO Navin Nagiah and the rest of the DNN team. The CMS space is a crowded one with as I said many great open source choices.  Adding the social element and other features as they have, DNN has kept pace with the leaders. In some ways they paid a price by being a Microsoft only choice. But now they should reap the benefits of that situation as well.

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