DNC launches website to explain Mitt Romney's tax plan...kind of

A clever use of web design by the Democratic National Convention mocks Romney's campaign promises.

In the latest example of creative use of web design for satire, the Democratic National Convention has launched a website misleadingly labeled RomneyTaxPlan.com.

Just above a bright red button that reads "GET THE DETAILS," a message tells visitors that clicking the button will give them the background on the Republican presidential candidate's plan to accomplish the tax goals set out in his campaign.

The trick is that the button cannot be clicked. When a mouse cursor tries to scroll over the button, it jumps aside.

As a piece of satire, it's halfway decent. The joke is easy to get, and it's pretty creative. Even with the "Paid for by the Democratic National Committee" disclaimer discretely attached to the bottom, it could have deceived a casual reader long enough for them to think it was legitimate before they clicked.

But I can't get over the logo. The DNC just couldn't hold back from inserting that "half of" joke scribbled in between the "Romney: Believe in America" slogan. That's the first thing most people see when they get to the site, so going for another joke there just gives up the punchline immediately.

Maybe the DNC should have taken some notes from web designer Erik August Johnson, who earned 15 minutes of fame last month when he launched a dysfunctional "replacement" Google search engine that purported to be sponsored by the National Football League - a well-time jab on the NFL's since-resolved replacement referee fiasco.

Either way, if this is the way internet parody is heading, I'm OK with it.

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