Next Week: 4G World in Chicago

I’m pleased to once again be participating in the latest evolution an event I helped get off the ground. And we’ve got an interesting set of sessions that I hope you can attend.

I mentioned this event in passing before, but Farpoint Group is pleased to be an Analyst Sponsor of this year's 4G World conference in Chicago. I'm Chairing a mini-track (three sessions) under the Mobile Connect banner that we introduced as a collocated event with this year's E2 in Boston back in June. You may recall that 4G World actually began as WiMAX World in 2004, back when WiMAX was so new and seemingly different that many thought it would replace Wi-Fi - complete with the nonsensical Beta-vs.-VHS arguments that often accompany major technology shifts with their associated marketing hype. I was a member of the Advisory Board for that event from the start, but, as a WiMAX skeptic, my involvement faded after five years.

And, indeed,WiMAX didn't amount to much, but 4G, at least as a marketing term, is of course one of the major trends in mobility today. 4G in the form of LTE is today all we recommend in new client devices; don't even think of buying a handset that doesn't include LTE. But LTE isn't without its challenges, and my three sessions, which include truly excellent speakers across the board representing a good variety of constituencies and viewpoints, will, I'm sure, be fast-paced, informative, and not without at least a bit of controversy. I hope you can attend, and I look forward to seeing you there.

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