Wireless LANs 2013 – A New Webinar Next Week

It’s that time again, when we look forward to the promise of the year to come. And there’s a lot happening, as always, in wireless LANs, the subject of a new Webinar next week.

It's getting to be that time of the season again, when we wax nostalgic about the current year and look forward to the next. Apart from the occasional lapse, I'm personally not all that big on nostalgia, but, as an analyst, I'm very interested in what's next in wireless and mobile. And it just so happens that next week (Tuesday, 14 November) we're doing another Webinar, this time on key factors for success in mission-critical enterprise wireless LANs. There continues a surprising amount of activity today - even after more than two decades of rapid and often frenetic evolution in what we colloquially refer to as Wi-Fi, there are still opportunities for additional refinement and innovation. I've updated my list of key enterprise requirements, and I'm pleased to join Ali Kafel of Enterasys in what I think will be a very informative presentation. This one's at 11:00 eastern (we're continuing our efforts to reach audiences in Europe); registration is free, and I hope you can attend.

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