AppDirect Builds a Cloud/Mobile App Ecosystem

A discussion with three companies building app ecosystems.

Building new app marketplaces is the business of AppDirect. They are allowing companies to create instant app marketplaces for their customers. Actually, there is an entire ecosystem to these app marketplaces though. From the app developers themselves who want their apps in these marketplaces, to the companies wanting to offer the marketplaces, this is a far reaching ecosystem.

When you think about it, it is not just a list of apps. Billing, management and updates are all part of the equation.

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Daniel Saks, co-founder and CEO of AppDirect, Jonathan Rende, Vice President of products at Appcelerator, and Mike Borozdin, Director of integration development at DocuSign. These three companies are all blazing trails in delivering cloud-based and mobile apps. 

Appcelerator makes it easy for app developers to bring their apps to market and add all of the bells and whistles. Docusign has been around for a while now. They make it easy to execute contracts and other documents digitally.

It is an interesting conversation, running about 20 minutes. There was a slight audio problem when introducing Daniel Saks, but that is just a few seconds. Enjoy the podcast!

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