Apple and Samsung extend accused product list in second California lawsuit

Apple and Samsung are both seeking to include even more accused products in their second California patent suit.

Not only is it challenging to stay up to date with all of Apple and Samsung's pending lawsuits, it's even tough to keep up with litigation in just one particular jurisdiction.

Case in point: The Northern District of California was where Apple was awarded a $1.05 billion judgment from Samsung this past summer, and just also happens to be the jurisdiction where another lawsuit between the two tech heavyweights is scheduled to kick off in March of 2014. The second lawsuit will largely encompass many of the same patents asserted in the first lawsuit, but will include a bevy of products that were released after the original suit was filed, including the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5, and the Galaxy Note 10.1.

And as if things weren't confusing enough, the two parties have been furiously working to file motions in an effort to include in the suit as many products from the opposing side as possible. To wit, Samsung last week filed a motion seeking to add the iPad 4th generation, the iPad Mini, and the fifth-gen iPod Touch to the suit. To date, the court has been rather permissive in letting both parties supplement their original infringement claims with more accused products.

And lest you think Samsung is the only party trying to add as many products as possible to the suit, think again. Apple is also playing that game and arguably has many more products from which to choose from given that Samsung has a much more expansive product line.

That said, Apple this past Friday filed a motion seeking to add a bevy of claim charts for recently released Samsung products. The products in question include the Samsung Galaxy S III (the model running Jelly Bean), the Galaxy Note II, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi model, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Samsung Rugby Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. Note that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 was already included in the original suit, albeit the version running Honeycomb. And in case the Galaxy S III Mini doesn't ring a bell, note that it hasn't yet been released in the U.S.

And again, with trial not scheduled to kick off until March 2014, many of the aforementioned products will be largely irrelevant by the time opening arguments get underway. Who knows, perhaps the parties will have settled at that point, or perhaps there will be yet another lawsuit in California encompassing products like the Samsung Galaxy S 5 and the iPhone 7.

While Apple's recent settlement with HTC gave some hope that maybe Samsung and Apple would be able to settle their differences amicably, a Samsung executive recently put that notion to rest when he stated that Samsung isn't looking to strike up a patent agreement a'la HTC. What's more, he went so far as to say that the iPhone wouldn't even be possible without many of Samsung's wireless patents.

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