Microsoft tweaks, then silences IE haters

‘Do you know this guy?’ video amusing, but …

Yes, I will admit that I still use Internet Explorer. I use it whenever something on my machine isn't working right and I want to find out if it's the fault of my primary browser, Google Chrome, or not. So I try it with IE.

(McAfee's blog claims he's been captured.)

But don't get me wrong, I am no IE hater or anything. Certainly nothing like the guy in Microsoft's new IE 10 video: "Do you know this guy?"

At the end, did you, like me, actually mouth the word "less" before the guy even typed it?

And did you notice that comments are disabled on the video?

I would imagine that they were colorful ... or at least would be if not for the fact they are not being tolerated.

Talk about your mixed messages, though: "We want you back ... now shush."

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