Behind-the-scenes look at how Reddit began

Founders of Reddit social news aggregator spill their startup story

Been meaning to catch up on this video featuring social news aggregation site Reddit's cofounders sharing the story of how they started the company in 2005. It's well done, providing insights into the venture capital business, and even has a tearjerker ending as one co-founder talks about inspiration that his mother gave him. It includes some nice vintage video spliced in from the founders' college days as well.

With Digg imploding in recent years, I've switched over to Reddit big-time as my go to social network news site. We love it when readers sub stories that they like from Network World's site to Reddit (such as someone did when an Amazon outage brought down Reddit and other popular sites).

This year in particular has been a fascinating one for Reddit, which has lured the likes of Barack Obama to participate, inspired other politicians to crowdsource ideas (with mixed results) and sparked controversy when it's biggest troll was outted.

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