Testing Tout for CES 2013

Is this the future of video? Tout lets you record 15-second video clips to share with the world


Next week we have a big crew from IDG Enterprise (Network World, Computerworld, CIO.com) heading out to the International CES in Las Vegas, and one of the things we're going to try is to provide video updates via Tout. The service, which is like Twitter for video, lets you create 15-second video clips that are uploaded and published through Twitter and Facebook (you can also send these clips via email or SMS if you don't want to make them public).

This post is testing one of the other features Tout offers, a widget that can be embedded into a web page or blog post, compiling several different Touters into one longer stream. In this case, I've added some of the ones I've done, as well as from Computerworld's Lucas Mearian. It's not much to look at now, but should get better once we're out at the show producing better content.

Stay tuned for more Touts from the show!

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