More on BYOD – A New Webinar Next Week

BYOD emerged in 2012 and immediately defined one of the key strategies for mobility going forward. A new Webinar next week will look at both current alternatives and a few exciting possibilities for the future.

I'm glad that we had a good crowd for my recent IEEE talk on BYOD and mobility Management, and the slides from that event will be posted shortly (I'll put the link in the blog as soon as I have it). But, in the meantime, much of the material I presented there will be re-worked for a new Webinar next week (Wednesday, 16 January, at 2:00 ET), sponsored by Quest Software, which is part of Dell. I pleased to be part of this Webinar and remain firmly committed to my belief that BYOD will eventually dominate the subscriber-unit space across the board - handsets, tablets, notebooks, and more. There's still a good deal of confusion over the various mobility management options and how they fit with BYOD, but also some really exciting possibilities - including new applications of virtualization, which I'm very enthusiastic about. We'll cover all of this, and I'm sure you will find this event both enjoyable and informative.

Registration is free and available here. There will also be a drawing for a very cool Dell XPS 10 Tablet. And, of course, we'll have time for your questions as well.

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